About My Pprofessional Practice in  Film Production and Studio Portrait Photography

I am a studio headshot, portrait photographer and film maker. I graduated with a Foundation Degree in Film and Photography with South Devon College through Plymouth University in 2017 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Film with Plymouth College of Arts through Open University in 2018. Before that I studied photography with the New York Institute of Photography back in the early 1980’s.

Studio Portrait and headshot Photography

  • Photographed at Ocean Studios, Plymouth.
  • Pay per session, not the number of people.

Photography and cinematography share the same medium and that is light. I have applied my knowledge of lighting in my film making to studio portraiture. The only deference is that studio portrait photography I use a studio flash and with film I use continuous lighting. With both my film making and my studio portraiture, I am centred around the preforming arts. My aim is to capture character and the personality of actors. 


I use a more classical lighting setup to create both Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting using a four-light setup, Key, Fill, Background and accent lights. My technique is capture depth by modelling the lights. This captures the play of light across my subject’s face. I like to capture a sharp image of the whole of my subject’s face, bringing out fine detail of their face and enhancing my subjects’ expressions.

For many more examples, please visit GalleriesGallery 1     Gallery 2

Ocean Studios

For my studio portraiture, I photograph in Ocean Studios Royal William Yard in Plymouth. 

Ocean Studios has its own splendid café for refreshments and cake. There is a sitting area in case your early for your appointment. 

Ocean Studios Cafe

To Make A Booking

To make an appointment please go to my contacts page or phone: 01803 296171 .


In film production, my commercial service is promotional films and I can also provide film crew support for other film production companies. I have a wide range of skills and expertise listed below:
    • Producing
    • Directing
    • Cinematography
    • Photography
    • Lighting
    • Dolly and crane

To accompany all of these skills I have all of the equipment for all of the above. Hiring my services would also provide any or all of the equipment at no extra cost. To find out more: please contact me via the contacts page or phone on: 01803 29171.

Please visit my dedicated film website at: thewitchesmask.co.uk 

Other Photography with Luke Curno and Wild Times TV

I am also involved with other creative photography with Luke Curno and Wild Times TV. Please visit his website at: 

https://lukecurno.wixsite.com/media  & https://dartmoorexplorer.wordpress.com