Studio Portraiture and Location Headshot Portraits

I am a studio portrait photographer and cinematographer, as both studio photography and cinematography share the same medium of light. Four flash lights are used to create Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting in a number of classical and contemporary poses.

I provide a studio headshot and portrait photography service working from Ocean Studios in Plymouth. To give added value to my portrait sessions, both headshot, 3/4, and full length portraits are inclusive in the price. You are paying for the session regardless of the type of photographs, the number of photographs taken during the session, and the number of people being photographed.  

My prices start from £75 for location headshot portraits, and £120 for a full studio session including headshots 3/4 and full length portraits. 


Studio Headshot Portraits

Classical headshot photograph formally known as a head and shoulder portrait. This type of photograph is cropped above the chest. Lighting can be Rembrandt or Butterfly lighting. Rembrandt lighting is shown here. Background can be high-key, black, or a verity of colours and textures. High-key is shown.     


Extreme close up headshot portrait. These type of photographs are closely cropped. They have their roots in the film industry, but also make beautiful still photographs. The top of the head and sometimes the sides of the hair is cropped to draw more attention into the face. Rembrandt lighting and a blue background is used. 


Men's headshot portraits are similar women's, but the lighting is almost exclusively Rembrandt lighting. High key and fill ratios also bring out more of the character in the face. 


Studio Three Quarter Length Portraits

Studio Three Quarter Length Portrait is a crop from the middle thighs to the tummy. They can be both sitting or standing. Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting can be used with a full range of backgrounds. 


Studio Three quarter length portrait of a male in a sitting position. High-key background being used. 


Full Length Studio Portrait 

Full Length Studio Portrait, like the three quarter length portrait can be standing or sitting. There is a number of poses and postures I uses in the composition of these photographs. Using simple rules, I can direct to make each photograph work, but I am open to experimentation. 


Sitting Full Length Portrait is similar to standing. All of the body is included. A number of compositions and poses can be used. 


Group Studio Portraits

Any number of people can be used in a group portrait, but constraints of available space needs to be taken into consideration. With a small group. I like to pose my subjects so they inter connect. 

There is no additional cost for groups. You only pay for the session. 


Venue, Ocean Studios

The venue for my studio portraiture is located at Ocean Studios in Plymouth. The studio is located on the first floor. There is a beautiful café on the ground floor while you wait for your portrait session. There is a lift available through the shop if required.  


For More Information

For more information about me and my practice as a cinematographer and a studio photographer, please go to my about page, or call on 01803 296171, or contact me through the contacts page